Stuck In Groundhog’s Day? (Ascension Phase)


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Stuck In Groundhog’s Day? (Ascension Phase):

As my spiritual journey continues, I seem to meet familiar and unfamiliar phases along the way and Groundhog’s Day is a new one for me. I must make mention that I speak from personal experience within my own awakening with hopes to provide insight for those going through similar experiences. If you haven’t hit this phase yet, then that is perfectly fine, you might not even go through it, this is just common tongue for those that can relate.


Have you ever seen the movie Groundhog’s day with Bill Murray? If you are familiar with it, then you know exactly what I am going to talk about. For those that do not know what it is about, it is about a guy (Bill) that repeats the same day over and over and over again. The exact same day (Groundhog’s Day) just repeats, like a curse, burdening the main character.

In relation to the ascension process, I found that it was common to hit this phase right after the Dark Night of the Soul..

It’s like you are in this limbo phase, where you are in between your old self and new self, with truly nothing to grasp onto.. The days fly by and the weeks merge into eachother.

You wake up, do your daily routine (if you are able to and not going through the Dark Night still) and then before you know it, you find yourself going back to bed. Wake up, eat, sleep, repeat. The days become so bleak as time passes by because you are stuck within this awful cycle.

You can’t even remember the last time your day saw something exciting or something new because you feel as if the same day is repeating itself over and over again. The same emotions are there, the same thoughts are there, the same routine is there, everything is the same as the last day. You become this monotonous machine, yet you’re aware of it all.. and can’t figure it out.

You try and try to break the spell but nothing that you do or not do has zero effect on the outcome of the day and you wake up again to the same day. Sound familiar?

This is the phase of the Groundhog…

And it is okay to be going through this phase, it is all part of the process. As I mentioned earlier, this usually happens after the Dark Night of the Soul, meaning that the world is still dark in your perspective.

You’ve grown so much and learned so much in the Dark Night and you are just in a phase of transition. You’re transitioning into the Self that you want to become and the Self that you have always been.

This is your chance to begin to break things up and start new activties and new hobbies. Take baby steps. You are able to break the spell. Some parts of the Ascension Process are out of our control, however, I think this phase is telling us to TAKE ACTION on the things we want in life. If we just sit there and dwell, yes there’s a time for that but not now, then we will just continue the same cycle. We have to dig ourselves out of the cave.

Every phase has it’s time and place in your life and I know it may be tough, but all we can do is ride the wave and focus on what we can do. Take care of yourself in this phase and do the things that you truly enjoy doing. It can be as simple as walking to the park and reading a book. That hour that you spend at the park will be an hour broken from the spell.. You will slowly but surely fill up the day with activities you love and the spell will disperse because you will have full control again. You will become empowered and that is a beautiful gift.

Just remember, this too, shall pass.

I hope some of you guys can relate to this as this is what I am currently going through myself. I wish you all the best and there will be more content soon. Been quite busy with school work 🙂

~Peace, Love, & Smiles Always


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