Integration Phase (Spiritual Awakening)


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Integration Phase (Spiritual Awakening):

As time goes by in one’s spiritual awakening, there comes a point of integration along the way. All the highs and lows have brought you to a state of allowance and acceptance along your journey. However, these highs and lows have brought about a time of solitude and reflection. That time was meant to be secluded with your thoughts and with your self. It was much needed time to figure things out in your internal world of thought and emotion, but now it is time to integrate back into society and back into a new Self.

Along my journey, I have had spurts of integration. More so, bits and pieces of myself that I have changed, that I have made permanent in myself, to show to others. Small things. As simple as showing more enthusiasm for life when I am with a group of people or even showing no judgment for others. These are a few things that I have integrated,  but there is always more.

There comes a time, after sheltering the Self, that one must break out and begin to transition into day to day life. Most times, spiritual awakenings make us not want to go out into society and interact with others due to the inner knowing of feeling very, very different. I get that completely.

BUT, how can we carry out our soul’s mission and help shape this world into a new place if we sit alone with all our progress? The answer is simple, you can’t do it. You have to integrate and adapt.

We were meant to go through this spiritual awakening to become the people that others are able to look up to and be the people that are role models for others. The growth that we go through must be shown to others in order to fully integrate it into ourselves.

It’s a double kill with this one. You integrate back into society while also integrating the new beliefs and new personality within yourself.

Begin small. Start with the simple things that you have learned along your journey. Could be as easy as trying to give others compliments or even learning how to not gossip about others. Just be your new Self as much as you can and BECOME the person you’ve been striving to become.

It is all about integration..

This phase will hit you soon enough and it will be tough, but with a little practice, it will become more orthodox to you. Stay persistent with your beliefs and truths. Become you and the light will guide you along the way.


Thank you for taking the time to check this out. I think this is a very pivotal topic to discuss and I felt very motivated to write about it.

Peace, Love, & Smiles Always ~


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